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Keeping a journal with a letter a year to your child is beautiful and heartfelt way to document your journey as a parent and your child's growth over the years. It also makes the most sentimental gift to pass on to celebrate their 21st birthday.

Write a letter a year and print your favourite photo to accompany. A chance to document all they have achieved, experienced, celebrated and learnt and grown from. It also means they can look back on your thoughts and feelings about their life as an adult.

Creating this journal means that you will create:

Time Capsule Of Memories.

Life moves swiftly, and memories can fade over time. By writing letters to your child each year, you create a time capsule of precious moments, capturing their milestones, accomplishments, challenges, and the special bond you share. It allows you to reflect on the joys and challenges of parenting and provides a record of your child's development.

Emotional Connection.

The act of writing a letter demonstrates your love, care, and dedication to your child. It creates a tangible expression of your emotions, allowing your child to feel cherished and valued. When they read these letters in the future, they will be reminded of the deep connection you share, even if circumstances or distance may separate you.

Wisdom & Guidance.

Each year brings new lessons and insights as a parent. By writing annual letters, you can share your wisdom, values, and guidance with your child as they navigate life's challenges. You can offer advice, encouragement, and support, knowing that they will have a meaningful resource to turn to in times of need.

Refection & Growth.

Journaling enables self-reflection, helping you grow as a parent. By revisiting past letters, you can observe patterns, identify areas where you've evolved, and celebrate the milestones you and your child have achieved together. It serves as a reminder of the progress you've made and the love you've shared throughout the years.

A Meaningful Gift.

Presenting your child with a collection of letters on their 21st birthday is an extraordinary and sentimental gift. It symbolizes the investment you've made in their lives, the love and support you've provided, and the immense pride you feel for the person they've become. It's a treasure they can cherish for a lifetime, providing comfort, inspiration, and a connection to their roots.

The beauty of journaling is that it can be adapted to suit your own preferences. You can choose to write letters annually, quarterly, or on other significant occasions. The important thing is to capture your emotions, experiences, and wisdom to create a cherished legacy for your child.

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