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Documenting family memories. So many family memories are collected as the years go by. In an instant we have those memories in our phones to view and look back on. And then they accumulate with all the other 4,587 images. Barely do they get looked at again, just stored up in the cloud. Unless these moments are also documented in writing you also think you will remember all the details, but the time goes by and you forget things you would have never thought would slip your mind. Brain overload I like to call it.

I remember being young and could not contain the excitement of a trip to the Kodak shop with mum to drop off the film. Every picture taken was considered, you could not waste the film - it was too expensive. And it was also too expensive to be developed. I remember the disappointment of picking up my $24.95 order – a lot like 20 years ago right… and only 10 images working out. Our kids give us the strangest look when we explain this process!

We have designed a range of family journals to document these special moments. It doesn’t have to take ages, it doesn’t have to feel like a huge job or something else you need to do. Your words don’t have to be well thought out. It is taking 10 minutes to update and record these special memories creating family heirlooms to look back on. Another of my favourite childhood memories is looking through photo albums. Mum had like 25 all lined up on the bookshelf. We would spend hours and hours pouring over all the good times, laughing, crying, remembering. This is what we want for you. This is how we want our journals to make you feel. To bring you together as a family and relive the times spent together.

Handwriting makes time stand still, keeps people with you and memories alive. Here are our titles to start your family library of memories.

  1. Christmas Keep your yearly memories to look back on each year.
  2. Family Family moments, past or present. Family tree stories or perhaps documenting one event, adventure, home build or story to tell.
  3. Halloween A place to keep all the spooky, dressed up memories.
  4. Thanksgiving Celebrations of yearly thanksgiving time together.
  5. Our travels Family adventures documented in words and pictures.
  6. Grandparents Time together or a grandparent life to record.
  7. Easter For all the cute chocolate filled hunting memories.
  8. Family Gratitude Sit with your family and record your daily gratitude.
  9. Recipes Passed Down A place to keep all your cherished family recipes.
  10. All Journals A journal to document the adventures of your furry family members.

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