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Life is busy. There is always so much going on and we go, go, go, and often don’t even have the time to stop and think how we can change things up to make life a bit easier. Time management and organisation play a huge role in not only being able to achieve all you want and need to every week, but it also helps keeping a lid on overwhelm. Now if you are like me time management and organisation do not come naturally. Some people just naturally have these skills. Process and routine are their friends. Although not all our brains are wired the same way, these are skills you can learn to adapt and be successful at too.

Pen to paper we believe is the best solution. Studies have shown that people perform better when they have written down what they need to do, as opposed to typing it out on a computer, tablet or phone. The act of writing down what needs to be done, in what timing, put into to do lists and cross them off when they are done is both powerful and rewarding.

Psychologist and author Dr David Cohen believes his struggle to say organised is helped by keeping lists in a diary. “I would be so much more chaotic without my lists – they’ve kept me in line for years”. Dr Cynthia R. Green PhD. says sitting down with pen and paper to share our happenings, thoughts, feelings can slow time and give us the chance to reflect and create moments of focus and calm.

According to neuroscientist Dr Claudia Aguirre, handwriting also increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. It has so much power!

We know how overwhelming a busy life can get. It is what inspired us to design our planning brand over seven years ago and why we called it 'My Organised Chaos'. We were hustling at life with small children, working, activities, appointments, play dates, birthdays, family gatherings, running a household, putting dinner on the table, making sure the fridge was full – it’s a lot!

So many of us struggle with getting what we want done. The feelings are normal and very valid. Our range will help you map out your tasks, plan your to do lists, meet your deadlines and stay on top of life admin. We have designed the tools to help.

Our range includes:

Family Chaos Planner
Home Hustle Planner
Linen Wall Planner & Calendar
Yearly Poster Planner
Busy Big Box Planner

A5 Planners
A6 Pocket Planners
Boxed Daily Hustle Planner

A5 Linen Notebook journals in 7 designs.

List Maker
Meal Planner
Sunday Sessions Weekly Pad

Commit to the process of writing and referring to your planners daily and in a short time you will find yourself in a routine that you can not only rely on but you will form the habits that have you achieving all that you want.

The ultimate goal is to also fit in those activities that fuel your soul without feeling that you simply do not have enough time. You can make time for things that make you happy.

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