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Ah, the age-old question: how do you tame the wild beast that is your schedule and the pile of tasks which consume everyday life?

Well we are here with our range of planners to rescue you from the stress and chaos, one day at a time. Or is it one week at a time?

Let's dive into the two competitors which in this battle we are calling – The Daily Delegate and the Weekly Wonder – and figure out which side you'll be cheering for in this epic organisational showdown!

Round 1: The Daily Delegate

Picture this: you wake up, armed with a fresh cup of ambition and a daily planner that's ready to conquer the world, one to-do list at a time. The Daily Delegate is your trusty sidekick, with a page devoted to each day. It's like a personal assistant that keeps you on a winning streak. Here's why you might want to root for the Daily Delegate!

Efficient Empowerment.

You thrive on details. Our daily planner gives you the room to plan and block every half an hour from 9am - 6pm. It's like having your own time-turner, tapping you on the shoulder and keeping you on track for the day. Procrastination does not live here.

Mastery in Delegation.

You’re the master of breaking big goals into bite-sized tasks. With a large section to write your daily to-dos, you'll be knocking items off your list like a champ, and let's be honest – who doesn't enjoy a good victory dance at the end of the day. Now go and enjoy your evening without having to think about work.

Your Delegation Partner.

Our daily planners are all about keeping you on the straight and narrow. It's got your back when it comes to holding you accountable. Didn’t finish that task? It's okay, you can keep notes on this page too and delegate tasks to the following day.

Round 2: The Weekly Wonder

Imagine a planner that's like your wise old friend, giving you a knowing nod and saying, "Hey, I get it we all have lots on - let me help you sort it out here, it will all be ok. Let's hug it out and have a cup of tea” That's the Weekly Wonder. It takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture, kind of like a life coach for your schedule. It believes everyone has two things in their life that they need to plan. Your two subjects might be work / family, work / study, or family / study. Choose your two things and we are going to split them up so you can plan them seperately. It will make referring to what’s on simpler and feel less chaotic. Do we hear an applause?

Big Picture Brilliance.

You're all about the grand plan. Our weekly planners let you see your whole week at once. Our handy this side for / that side for layout allows you to plan your two subjects and clearly see whats on for the week - and for who!

Spontaneity's BFF.

Life throws curveballs. Being able to see your whole week in once glance makes it easier to rearrange things without cramping your style. Go ahead, embrace the chaos. Then calm it down.

Goal Getter.

You’ve got dreams, and your weekly planner will help you chase them. Set weekly goals in the notes sections, divvy up tasks, and dominate your week like a boss. A superhero cape is optional but encouraged - even if you choose to wear an invisible one.

Choose Your Champion! So, who wins?

OK it's time for you to reflect and vote for what will make the most impact in your life. Are you on Team Daily Delegate Or Team Weekly Wonder? It's not about choosing the better planner; it's about picking the one that syncs with your rhythm, your style, and your flair for conquering the daily chaos of life. Are you the day-by-day delegate, ready to dive into the nitty-gritty details and emerge victorious with every crossed-out task? Or are you the week-wrangling wonder, letting life flow while you steer the ship toward your dreams?

Remember, it's not just a planner – it's your secret weapon for turning the daily chaos into an organised, calm, ordered life where you can keep the stress at bay and go to bed at night without overthinking about all you have on the next day - because you have left it to your trusty, reliable BFF of a sidekick planner.

Who's the winner? You are. 2024 Go Get 'Em!
Launching 1st September.

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