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Stuck on what to write in a card? Inside you will find message inspirations to write inside your pregnancy gifting card or even inscribe the journal.
Having childhood memories documented creates a time capsule that can be looked back on in the future. This Childhood journal will become such a special heirloom to pass down in handwriting that means so much.
Keeping a journal with a letter a year to your child is beautiful and heartfelt way to document your journey as a parent and your child's growth over the years. It also makes the most sentimental gift to pass on to celebrate their 21st birthday.
I love giving presents, especially for this occasion. A pregnancy journal is my go-to pregnancy gift for so many sentimental reasons.
Creating a baby keepsake will keep safe not only the special items but all the milestone detail and memories.
If you are here trying to choose a journal to document your pregnancy – congratulations! What an exciting time! Or you might be choosing a gift. We hope this chart helps you understand the differences between our pregnancy journals to make your selection easier.
An opportunity to capture weekly growing bump photos and keep track of all the changes, challenges, emotions, thoughts and feelings that one experiences while pregnant.
Keeping a pregnancy journal, not only creates a special keepsake of such an important time but there are also so many benefits in putting pen to paper, and let’s not forget how lovely it is to capture in photos a growing bump.
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email us. We hope you enjoy the process of putting together all your baby memories to look back on in all the years to come. 
A baby journal becomes a special story to share and be passed down with moments and details that will never go forgotten. Handwriting is a priceless gift to an adult child so taking the time to write about the little details will one day be really treasure

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