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We are thrilled that our products will be by your side to hustle your way through the year and hopefully bring calm to the chaos that is daily life.

Writing has so many profound planning benefits. It helps us control information, plan what is important, get organised and reduce anxiety.

Studies also show that people perform better when they have written down what they need to do, as opposed to typing it out on a computer or phone.


So here are our tips to keep you on track:

  1. Plan to plan Set just 10 minutes aside weekly to write your plans. I like to sit down on Sundays, so I start the week knowing exactly what is happening. Often I use the Sunday Sessions to scrawl everything out and then transfer my information into planners and calendars.
  2. Calendar position is everything Hang your calendar where everyone in your household can refer to it on the daily. It creates and teaches good habits around planning.
  3. Family & Planning Encourage your family members to also use and refer to the household calendar. This way everyone knows what’s on and eliminates clashes.
  4. School communication If you have school aged children then I find transferring all the dates, excursions, interviews, free dress days, camps into our family chaos planner. We have spare columns that we use for school dates. Nothing ever gets missed and the whole family can see what’s on for school.
  5. Commit to your planner Make it your sidekick. On your desk, at your meetings, in your bag. Make a promise to stick to using it to keep you on track for all your daily to do’s. It will keep you accountable, organised and achieving.
  6. Yearly Wall Planner I love seeing the whole year with our yearly poster. Blocking out school holidays, work or home projects. You can really get a good sense of time things take to achieve goals. Also perfect for planning home renovations!
  7. Meal plan Planning weekly meals takes the stress out of the dreaded everyday what’s for dinner thoughts. Then create your shopping lists and no food goes to waste. This process also saves money off your shopping bill
  8. Pens We love the Pilot Frixon pens. They are erasable! If plans change you can just rub them out! You can also colour coordinate with erasable highlighters.

We hope these tips will help to make 2022 your year. You’ve got this!

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