Raising money and awareness for all the important women in our lives.

This year we are making a donation with the help of your purchases of our 2021 Daily Hustle planners to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


I would say many of us are connected to a special person in our lives that has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

This year we lost two very special family members to breast cancer. Along with this, my dearest childhood friend Anita has just completed a year of treatment . It is the second time she has fought breast cancer. Anita has an important story to tell and awareness that we can share. She was first diagnosed at 35 years old with her doctor thinking pain was probably a blocked milk duct. Her doctor however was very thorough and sent her for a breast scan which saved her life as the news was unfortunately an aggressive form of breast cancer. Anita will share more of her story in the near future.

Breast cancer affects the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and dear friends in our lives. National Breast Cancer Foundation are there for our loved ones during time of diagnosis and beyond. We will be donating much needed funds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They are working towards one goal: zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

We have pledged to donate $10,000 by December 2020. Proceeds from our 2021 Daily Hustle Planner will be going towards this great goal that will help save the lives of the women we love so much.

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