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Let’s Talk Periods.

When you know the way your body works, you have power, understanding and all the knowledge to be able to make decisions and improve your health and wellbeing. At any age.

We really wanted to create a place where not only symptoms could be tracked, but also where you could journal the emotional rollercoaster that can be your cycle. When you can see a pattern, it can help you plan your life and be kinder to yourself on days when you are feeling all the feelings but confused as to why.

Why keep a period and cycle journal.

There are so many benefits to keeping track of your period and cycle as we grow from young girls to women and move through all the stages.

And once again we think pen to paper trumps any app because you can write in all the detail you want, make all the notes you want and journal from your heart. Putting pen to paper also is so great for your mental health, and many times throughout our cycles we really need to look after our wellbeing.

Help! I Just Got My First Period?!

We all remember this feeling. We remember where we were, who we were with and even what we were wearing! It is such a significant milestone moment in the life of a female.

We think this journal is a great little gift as an induction into period life! It can help understand, guide and plan around the monthly visitor aka #onmyrags!

Keeping this journal as a pre-teen / teenager can help:

  • Understand how their body is now working 
  • Keep track of dates and cycle length 
  • Understand their symptoms and when they occur in the month 
  • Plan around social or school activities 
  • Not be caught out or surprised by its arrival 
  • To gain an understanding of their hormones and how they are feeling
  • Become aware of their fertility 
  • Understand discharge and flow.

In your 20’s - You Are Now A Period Expert.

This helpful journaling routine can be carried on through the decades. Understanding a pattern helps if you are writing it down and are then able to refer to details that otherwise would have gone forgotten.

Keeping this journal in your 20s can help:

  • Keep an eye on any changes or irregularities that may happen
  • Plan holidays, sport, social activities around your ovulation and menstrual dates
  • Understand all about any PMS you may be experiencing
  • Have a greater understanding of cycle symptoms and when they occur.

Period Issues.

If you are noticing differences in your cycle or are suffering from certain symptoms and want to manage them better, keeping a journal means you have all the detail written down and can share your journal with your doctor.

This will be a wealth of information for them to provide the guidance and support you need. They may even be able to suggest things from seeing your patterns that you didn’t know existed.

Trying To Get Pregnant.
If you are trying to get pregnant keeping track of your cycle is really a game changer!

This journal can help you:

  • Track when you are ovulating
  • Track your temperature
  • Track your symptoms
  • Plan baby making days and nights!
  • Share your cycle with your doctor or naturopath who may be assisting you in the process of falling pregnant. 

Periods After Birth
Your menstrual cycle can change after giving birth. It can be heavier or lighter, change in timing and symptoms. Tracking your period and cycle allows you to follow the changes while in baby brain fog and if you are needing medical advice or care, having a journal is a great tool to share with your practitioner. 

Peri WHAT??
Perimenopause occurs when your body is transitioning into menopause. Yep that’s right – just when you think you have this period thing sorted you are somehow already in your 40’s and confused by the hormonal changes you are experiencing.

Perimenopause can last for a few months or years and years before menopause happens so keeping a journal can help:

  • Track changes in cycle
  • Track timing of new symptoms
  • Track menstrual dates
  • Track reoccurring feelings
  • Track any abnormalities
  • Track bleeding
  • Track PMS

Keeping this journal through to menopause can be a great tool to discuss with your chosen practitioner in helping you get the support you need to manage symptoms and your overall health.

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